Free information on how to avoid foreclosure or prevent your house from going up for auction

PDF guide to stopping foreclosure

Answer to your questions on how to avoid foreclosure, prevent your house form selling at auction, and your main options to avoid foreclosure on your house.

After reading this simple six-page guide, you’ll know:

  • Find out if you are able to save your credit while in foreclosure, after you do a short sale, or after the house sells at auction.
  • Find out if you qualify to have lower monthly mortgage payments, resolve your default on your mortgage, or remedy your payments if you are underwater on your mortgage.
  • What to do if you have received a summons and complaint or 90 day notice of default on your mortgage.
  • Options if your house already went up for auction or the foreclosure proceedings have started.

Many people are in foreclosure, but it is not usually something that people want to openly admit.

We are here to help you know all of your options regarding your property that may be in foreclosure, you owe more than the house is worth, you are facing an auction, you filed a bankruptcy to stop the auction, or you inherited a house with a reverse mortgage.

Here is a free foreclosure guide to help you. You will receive it as a pdf in your email. You are always welcome to reach out to us and speak to a foreclosure or short sale specialist regarding your specific case. We never charge for our information that we provide to homeowners in need.

At Homeowners Resource Group, Inc., we’re experts in real estate solutions and solving property challenges easily. Get help with your inherited, distressed or foreclosure house fast. With our experience, knowledge and resources, we are able to give homeowners and their heirs all the information available to make the best informed decision regarding their properties.

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