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Eva and her team helped save my house from foreclosure. It didn’t take any effort on my part and was very quick. I no longer have to deal with tenants and can start to rebuild my life again. Thank you!

– Craig A., Bay Shore

About Homeowners Resource Group, Inc.

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Eva Boccio, President of Homeowners Resource Group, Inc., has been in the real estate business since she was 24 in 2014. Since then, she has helped over 800 people sell their homes. Many of these have been owners in distressed or complicated situations. She specializes in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure by selling their properties and getting all their debt satisfied and paid in full. When someone wants her help, she does everything possible to accomplish their goals. She goes above and beyond, delivering on all her promises and continuing to help all her clients.

Eva remains easily accessible via phone, email, or text, ensuring continuous communication with her clients throughout and after the transaction. Her passion for her work is evident, as she finds the greatest satisfaction in witnessing her clients’ relief and contentment upon completing their transactions. She plans on staying in this niche of the business for a long time, building upon her experience and being able to share her knowledge and expertise with many more people to come.

We Assist Homeowners in Exploring All Selling Options.

We are a real estate solutions and investment firm helping homeowners find all their options to sell a difficult property. We solve problems that most real estate professionals cannot and can close deals that others cannot. We have helped thousands of homeowners to sell their properties in New York and will help thousands more. The company is dedicated to helping homeowners sell their properties, particularly excelling in supporting short sales and individuals, such as yourself, who might be confronting foreclosure.

Our Commitment to You at Homeowners Resource Group, Inc.

We commit to presenting you with a tailored and competitive offer that reflects our pride in your property. We don’t waste your or our time on insignificant offers. Allow us to guide you past the conventional challenges of selling a property, so you can eagerly anticipate what lies ahead. No more reliance on agents, no more open houses, no more inspections, and no more waiting.

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