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Homeowners Resource Group, Inc. has options to sell your New York house or property and can provide you with the best offer. We will help you clear a property title so you can close as soon as possible and with no closing or other costs to you.

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    Am I Able To Sell My House in New York?”

    In 2014, Homeowners Resource Group, Inc. was created to assist homeowners and heirs of owners who might not know their options for an inherited, vacant, or foreclosed on the property. We have helped homeowners just like you in a variety of situations, including: inherited a property with or without a will; an uninhabitable property that seems unsellable; title issues such as judgments and liens; and short sales, pre-foreclosure, or owing more than what the property is worth.

    If you own an abandoned property or inherited ownership rights to a house backward on its mortgage or considered uninhabitable, Eva and her team will present you with all of your options to sell your property, stress-free, for as much money as possible.

    Sell Your House Fast In Long Island, New York
    Homeowners Resource Group, Inc. gives New York homeowners options to sell their problem property. Call us today at (631) 759-4408!

    Unsure if you have rights to a property? Behind on payments? Unable to sell?

    If you are upside down on your mortgage and owe more than what your house is worth, you still have options to sell. If you filed for bankruptcy and your attorney told you that you no longer have to worry about the house, you may still be the owner of the property. Even if there are additional liens and judgments, there may be a way to sell and walk away with as much as possible.

    Inherited a house that has a reverse mortgage or other liens or judgments? You may be able to sell as an heir to the estate! Give us a call today to find out if you qualify for a short sale to have all your debt forgiven and satisfied in full. No matter the condition, we want to help you sell that house or property and watch you walk away with a profit.

    How It Works

    Step 1


    We research the details of the property and let you know your options.

    Step 2


    We provide you with the options to sell your house or property.

    Step 3


    Allow us to help you walk away with as much money as possible.

    About Homeowners Resource Group, Inc.

    Eva has been in the real estate business since she started at 24 years old in 2014. Since then, she has helped over 800 people sell their houses. Many of which have been owners who have been in distressed or complicated situations. She specializes in helping homeowners to avoid foreclosure by selling their properties and getting all of their debt satisfied and paid in full. When someone wants her help, she makes sure she does everything in her power to get their goals accomplished. She goes above and beyond, delivering on all of her promises, and continuing to be a help for all of her clients.

    Eva is always reachable by phone, email, or text, and makes sure to always stay in close contact with her clients while engaged in a transaction with them, and beyond. She loves what she does and is most rewarded by the relief people feel once the transaction has been completed and the clients walk away satisfied. She plans on staying in this niche of the business for a long time, building upon her experience and being able to share her knowledge and expertise with many more people to come.

    Eva Boccio, President of Homeowners Resource Group, Inc.

    We Can Help You With Your New York Property.

    Are you a homeowner who isn’t sure if you have options to sell a house or property? Even if you don’t think you can get anything, Homeowners Resource Group, Inc. will do the research and let you know what you can walk away with.

    If you have no equity, filed bankruptcy, inherited a house with debt, or have a house that is considered uninhabitable, we can help! We have helped thousands of homeowners sell their New York properties and will help thousands more.

    Our Clients Love Us

    “..even when there were mountains in their way and it was tough, but they still came through in the end..”

    I know it was a stressful move and I was on pins and needles because people always try to get you to believe that there going to take care of you, but if you’re nervous then you may put your whole trust in them anyway. I would gladly like to let everyone know that it was hard trusting another company since I had a bad experience refinancing in the past, but Eva was True to her word, her and her company were there working on my account even when there were mountains in their way and it was tough, but they still came through in the end. You don’t know me, but I can definitely say Eva was right, I could trust her and she definitely took the problem and the stress away and stayed till the end. If I needed to do something else in the future, I would definitely use them again PS: Eva definitely left a smile on my face which is very hard to do when it comes to doing business.

    – Laverne M., Inwood

    We Have Options For Any Situation.

    We want to help you walk away with as much money as possible.

    We handle the sale of your property, hassle-free to you.

    Liens or judgments on a title? We will clear them at no cost to you.

    Homeowners Resource Group, Inc. coordinates the closing to make selling your home as simple and effortless for you.

    We work differently at Homeowners Resource Group, Inc..

    Is your property considered in poor condition, vacant, abandoned, mold-damaged, flood-damaged, fire damaged, or pest-infested? Eva Boccio has helped homeowners and heirs just like you get out from under the stress of an unwanted house. No matter the condition or amount of debt, we will provide you with the options to sell and walk away with as much money as possible.

    At Homeowners Resource Group, Inc., we cover all closing costs, negotiator fees, and pay off all liens and judgments. All we ask is that you give us the opportunity to buy your property and we will pay you for giving us the rights to buy it from you. (Go here to learn about our process →)

    In short…

    No matter what situation you might be facing, Homeowners Resource Group, Inc.‘s goal is to make your life easier by helping you get out from under that property that is stressing you out. And you’ll walk away with as much money as possible!

    Give Us A Call Now At (631) 759-4408.

    Complimentary Assessment

    We are here to provide you with a full analysis of the property that you own or have inherited. We will search for any outstanding liens and judgments, current ownership, pending foreclosure actions or lis pendens information, and provide you with an amount of potential cash that you can walk away with, even if there is no equity in the property. There are no fees, commissions, or obligations, whatsoever. You may call or text us at 631-759-4408, or email
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      If you don’t think you can sell that unwanted house or property…

      Did you know you can sell a house that they owe money on or that you inherited through a relative that had a lot of debt and still walk away with money?

      It is a common misconception – usually told to someone by their attorney – that homeowners don’t own or have rights to a property so they don’t need to worry about it. The house ends up sitting vacant for years while the bank, lien, or judgment holders are trying to foreclose on it. All the while, the seller is missing out on the ability to clear their debt and possibly make a profit.

      Homeowners Resource Group, Inc. has helped thousands of people who didn’t think they had rights to a house or property. Will you be next?

      Call us today at (631) 759-4408 for more information.

      Call us!